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MBP update – almost 3 weeks into it April 15, 2011

Posted by applejosh in Geek.

So I’ve had the MacBook Pro for a couple of weeks, and I thought I’d just provide a quick update on my opinions of the device. In a nutshell, I love it.

The trackpad is fantastic. Once you get use to the “no button” thing (the entire trackpad is one large button) and configure it to your preference, you wonder why Windows based PCs still have buttons and minuscule trackpads. The gestures take some getting used to (two finger for scrolling, three fingers for forward and backward, 4 fingers to bring up active apps, pinch to zoom, etc.), but I find myself trying to do things this way on Windows machines. It just becomes second nature.

The keyboard is also nice. The keys have a nice feel, and the way they are integrated into the aluminum shell just works well. It feels solid.

The OS is obviously very different than what I’ve used in the past, but to be honest, it’s very easy to pick up. Apple’s interface just seems to flow, and most things just make sense in how they work. (I find myself making things harder than they actually are. Probably all that Windows conditioning I’ve had.) The mail/calendar/contacts apps works with my work’s Exchange Server (which is both a positive and a negative), and it’s actually pretty nice considering it’s just using Exchange ActiveSync. I wonder if the next iteration (Lion) will allow connecting to other Exchange Server versions.

The display is crisp and bright, although I do wish the resolution was a little higher. I continue to be amazed by the form factor. It’s just very well crafted, sleek, slim, and just nice to see. No complaints.

I continue to learn new things about the OS, device, and applications every day. (I made my first command script to ssh into a server at work today. Just like .bat files in Windows.) It’s just a pleasure to use this computer. I can see why people become fanboys (although I still don’t consider myself to be one, and I try not to be a fanboy for any technology as these things can just change in a heartbeat – that’s the fun of technology). With the proper software, I can see how smaller companies could utilize these machines in there environment. I haven’t researched how these devices would be integrated into a larger environment where there would ideally be policies and such to manage the network, but I suppose if the enterprise employed a virtual environment of some sort, these devices could be used by the user to connect to those in some manner. (Yes, I’ve downloaded the Microsoft RDP client – and it’s a piece of crap. The conspiracy theorist in me suggests that Microsoft did this intentionally.) I also wish it had a VMware client, but maybe someday (although I’m not holding my breath). I’ve been thinking about bootcamp/vmware fusion/parallel and some sort of Windows partition, but really, why would I want to?

Lastly, one app deserves mention. I ❤ Omnifocus. It’s just a fantastic task management tool.

Any suggestions on what to investigate next? I’m up to learning more about this platform.



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