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Careful reading of Apple press announcements October 19, 2010

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I just have to vent a little. The media is either not reporting all the facts or is just getting things wrong. I am just going to list my two pet peeves of the moment.

It’s 275,000 iOS devices per day. Not iPhones. Apple is lumping iPad and iPod sales (and anything that runs that OS) together with the iPhone in their numbers. Read the actual transcripts. (And CNN, get it right for crying out loud. You’re supposed to be impartial journalists with fact-checking and stuff.)

The “Verizon iPad” is just a WiFi iPad with Verizon’s MiFi access point thrown in to the deal. The iPad itself does not include anything that can connect directly to Verizon’s network. No chipset modifications people. This does not prove there is a Verizon iPhone just because they can make the iPad “work” with Verizon. You can do the same freakin’ thing now by signing up with Verizon for their little MiFi and then taking your current WiFi enabled iPad (or laptop or anything with a freakin’ WiFi radio) and connecting it to this portable hotspot. That’s all there is, folks. No magic. No completely new product. No sign of an impending Verizon Jesus phone. You have to carry the MiFi product with you everywhere you want to use it. And wait for the freakin’ official announcement before asking me if you can put the Verizon iPhone on your work account. (Never mind that I have no say in that anyway.)

Ok, venting complete. That’s all I have for now.

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