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Pay the piper April 21, 2010

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So we’ve all been using these free social networking sites for quite a while now. Most of us never really thought about the economics behind this new found interconnectedness. But the times they are a changing. Turns out, these sites and services cannot survive by losing money forever. They need to actually make money in order to remain operational. So, Twitter has started using the concept of “sponsored tweets” in its search results. I personally don’t feel it’s that big of a deal. It’s only in search, and I rarely utilize the search function. Facebook might be taking a more invasive approach. The f8 conference (whatever the heck that is) will start soon, and apparently, Facebook is hellbent on some sort of new feature where privacy flags are being sent up like crazy. I haven’t read too much about this new service, but if past behavior is any indication, I think everyone should be checking their privacy settings religiously. The thing that really pisses me off about how all these social networking changes are rolled out is that they always set the default settings to be the least private and most revealing. Doesn’t matter to what we’ve always set things in the past. Screw that. They seem to feel that you _want_ your information made more public.

So once again, I’m left to think about all this social networking junk and how it relates to my privacy and such. Maybe I shouldn’t use Twitter as a sounding board to get things off my chest. Maybe I shouldn’t even post anything to Facebook at all. (It’s not like I have a plethora of friends on there that I can only communicate via Facebook.) Should we as a society be so quick to adopt such an open social medium? Or should we take a more cautious approach to these things? Will anyone be second guessing their Facebook accounts because of these proposed changes? Thoughts?

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